AirRES T-131 Jungmann

  • Year:   2017
  • Location:   EPRZ Jasionka Rzeszow Poland

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Frame and metal parts are made of 4130 steel which is considerably stronger and harder than other standard steel grades and is commonly used in building of commercial and military aircraft. Metal parts are secured against rust with best epoxy primers. Wings are made of aero grade carefully selected pine wood glued with certified adhesives, coated with the best quality wood varnishes. Aircrafts are covered with Ceconite fabric and painted with high gloss and durable paint which is also flexible and crack resistant.  All this features let the plane  remain in perfect condition for decades.

We offer aircraft with factory overhauled LOM 332 AK, air-cooled four-cylinder inverted inline  engine. It is fully acrobatic, supercharged engine with 140 HP which can be powered with both MOGAS and AVGAS fuel. Time between overhaul is 2000h or 15 years depending on what occur first. new wooden Mt fixed pitch propeller, new Teflon oil and fuel hoses - on condition. Very light Beringer wheels and brakes. Additional equipment can be installed, like smoke system, front canopy cover for solo flight. 


Aircraft build under supervision of Polish Aviation Authorities ready for registration in experimental category. We deliver the aircraft after the test flight and the first inspection. Time state - approx. 10 flight hours TT. Actually for sale we have two aircraft No. PA203 and No. PA204 both are ready in 90 percent. Aircraft  manual and engine manual in English are included.


Front cockpit: altimeter, speedometer, bank coordinator, variometer

Rear cockpit:  altimeter, speedometer, bank coordinator, variometer, tachometer, accelerometer, compass, radio,  transponder, engine  control instruments.


Interior with vintage looking leather seats and leather dashboard with all necessary  avionics:

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Brand new T-131 Jungmann ready to fly, build by licensed and very experienced aviation mechanics in accordance with  original Czechoslovakian documentation with attention to the smallest detail.