Wolfsberg Aircraft s.r.o. Sparrow ML

  • Год выпуска:   2014
  • Регистрация:   OK-WUL28
  • Налет:   300
  • Местонахождение:   LKZB

€ 60 000

Технические данные


Sparrow ML is a two-seat, single-engine cantilever low wing UL aircraft with tandem seating. The aircraft has an all composite construction consisting of carbonfiber sandwich. The wing is of trapezoid shape with main and rear wing spars and is connected to a fixed fuselage midsection of a rectangular shape. The wing is equipped with landing flaps, electrically driven to positions 150 and 350. The fuselage features a cockpit, tandem seating and a power unit in a pusher configuration. Twin tail booms connect the fuselage with an empennage. The empennage has a shape of double T with a horizontal stabilizer between two fins.

Engine: ROTAX 912 ULS (100 hp)

Propeller: Woodcomp Classic

Rescue system: GRS

GPS: Area 500

Radio: ICOM IC-A210E

Flaps: Electric controlled

Stall speed flaps down      57 km/h
Manoeuvring speed         160 km/h
Maximum cruise speed   210 km/h

more information: http://www.wolfsbergaircraft.com/sparrow-ml


Aircraft was maintained in Wolfsberg Aircraft s.r.o.

The engine was maintained in authorized company TEVESO.


Integra from company TL Electronics

Дополнительные сведения

The year 2018 is here and we made the decision! We are going to do a few innovations of our aircraft Sparrow ML. Because we respect the following rule: Aircraft should fly and should not have stayed in the hangar. We offer you the opportunity to buy our representative company aircraft Sparrow ML 15/2014.